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How Do I Care for Dental Implants?

July 4, 2022


Golden Glades dental implants can last a long time if they are properly cared for at home, especially when you visit your dental health care professional on a regular basis. Brushing and flossing your teeth day after day, as well as adopting prudent lifestyle choices, are essential for maintaining your general health.

Your dental implant's durability will be determined by a variety of factors, including your lifestyle choices and your long-term commitment to dental hygiene.

examining golden glades dental implants

How to Make Your Dental Implants Last Longer

Post-Operative Care

Every dentist will recommend that you avoid eating any hard items that could damage your implant during the healing process, especially right after surgery. For the first seven days after surgery, a soft food diet is recommended. Likewise, special care should be taken for up to 12 weeks.  

Brushing & Flossing

How long your dental implants will last will hinge on how well you care for them. The bright side about implants is that they can be looked after in the same way that your natural teeth are – with regular flossing and cleaning. This cleaning, which should be complied with at least twice daily, will help you prevent plaque build-up.  

More so, pay special attention to the sides of your implants, since this is where food and plaque tend to accumulate.

Lifestyle Choices

The lifespan of your implants will be determined not only by how well you maintain your teeth, but also by your comprehensive lifestyle choices. Smoking is one of the key ingredients that can cause problems with your dental implants, as well as your oral health. When deciding whether you're eligible for dental implants at the initial consultation, your dentist may take this into account.

Keeping Your Mouth in Good Shape

Your mouth cavity and the rest of your body are not incompatible. It is a fallacy to think that if your entire health and well-being are affected, your dental implants and oral health remain unaffected. Your body operates as a full and integrated system. Hence, you should equally treat each other. See to it that your dental health is at its prime. Take care of yourself if you want your dental implant to stay long.

Brush Between the Teeth

Interdental brushes should be an integral part of your dental implant maintenance routine. To lessen the risk of gum disease, use these little brushes to remove food and plaque from around the sides of your implants.


Antimicrobial mouthwash, when used in conjunction with regular flossing and brushing, can help you decrease and eradicate bacteria buildup around your dental implants.

Dental Checkups on a Regular Basis

Maintain a schedule of dental check-ups and hygienist visits. This will allow your dentist to keep track of the status of your implants while also giving your replacement teeth a thorough cleaning.

Give Importance to Your Dentist’s Advice

Most importantly, follow the instructions of your dentist when taking care of your dental implants. Such advice is essential if you want to preserve your implants for as long as possible, whether it's avoiding certain foods during the healing period or following a certain cleaning routine.

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Get an Experienced Dentist to Place Your Golden Glades Dental Implants

The qualifications, knowledge, and experience of your dentist are critical in ensuring the successful placement of the dental implant and reducing the chance of failure, as they are in all dental surgical procedures.

A prosthodontist is a highly qualified dental specialist who can help you achieve the best long-term results. Dr. Danowit will assist you in keeping your mouth healthy, but you will be responsible for everyday implant maintenance at home. Call us to get started.

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