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Are missing teeth preventing you from smiling proudly? You might benefit from dental implants at Danowit Dental. Not only will they restore what’s missing, but they can also preserve the health of your adjacent teeth. We’re proud to offer implant dentistry at our practice!

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants can do more than just replace your missing teeth. Patients can experience a host of other benefits. With the support implants provide, patients can preserve their facial appearance and avoid unnecessary bone loss. Eating and speaking become easier with dental implants, and they are a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Common Causes of Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is common in some adults with poor oral hygiene or advanced oral diseases. Below are some of the other common reasons people may experience tooth loss.

  • Gum disease
  • Smoking
  • Dental trauma
  • Poor oral health

What to Expect During the Procedure

During your dental implant surgery, you will be under anesthesia to reduce pain and anxiety. We drill a titanium screw in the jawbone of the tooth that needs replacing. This acts as the root and will give your mouth the force it needs to chew or speak.

After your jaw has had time to heal, we’ll place a dental crown on top of the post to look and function like a natural tooth. With the proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime and give you the confidence to speak and eat without difficulty.

Are You Interested in Implant Dentistry in Miami Beach, FL?

Do you have any questions about dental implants? Danowit Dental is here to help! Please feel free to give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll happily get back to you.

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