Oral Surgery

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It may sound scary, but oral surgery might be necessary for some patients. When you’re in the care of Danowit Dental, we do everything to keep you calm and informed during the entire procedure. We’re proud to restore the health of your smile with oral surgery at our office!

What is the Purpose of Oral Surgery?

Patients may need to get oral surgery to treat various conditions that can affect their mouth, jaw, face, and neck. This can include issues like impacted teeth, diseases or injuries around your mouth, or facial abnormalities.

Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery involves operating on different structures of your mouth and face, so there is a lot we can do depending on your condition. Below are some of the main kinds of oral surgery performed in dentistry.

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Gum grafts
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth extraction

What to Expect

Pre- and post-operative care will vary based on the type of oral procedure you received. You will typically be prescribed some pain medication before your surgery that you can take as needed. You’ll be under anesthesia and will need to follow specific orders depending on what kind you receive. After the surgery, you will have time to recover and will be monitored until you are awake from the anesthesia. You’ll want to rest as much as possible after your surgery and follow specific post-op care instructions, which will vary depending on the procedure you underwent.

Do You Need Oral Surgery in Miami Beach, FL?

If you’re looking for an oral surgeon in the Miami Beach area, we invite you to visit Danowit Dental. We’re happy to offer oral and maxillofacial services to restore any issues you may be experiencing. Give us a call today if you have any other questions!

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