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What Is a Prosthodontist?

August 9, 2022


If your teeth or adjacent tissue and bone are missing or injured, you can seek help from expert prosthodontists. Every North Miami Beach prosthodontist acquires and hones specialized abilities over the course of the 3-year study. This equips them to restore the beauty of your smile as well as improve oral function.

They frequently work with mouth prosthetics like bridges, dentures, or crowns. The area of expertise, however, extends beyond that and includes the diagnosis and treatment of complicated dental conditions like TMJ, tooth loss brought on by advanced gum disease, and dental trauma.

dental bridge by a North Miami Beach prosthodontist

What to Know About Prosthodontists

Prosthodontist Versus General Dentist

Understanding how prosthodontics varies from general dentistry and even other specialties can be challenging at times. The same or comparable services will be provided by numerous practices and specialties. For instance, a prosthodontist can provide dental cleanings on-site while a general dentist can also perform dental implant treatments.  

The degree of training and area of expertise that prosthodontists have attained truly sets them apart from general dentists. The latter attends dental school for four years and earns a DDS or DMD upon completion. A dentist may provide extra treatments like orthodontic care or same-day crowns.

Patients should be aware of any additional training their general dentist has in order to provide these services, though. Most of the time, they will receive a diploma after taking a straightforward course. The amount of skill that three years of study in a dental specialty can provide cannot be attained by these rigorous training sessions.  

In a prosthodontic residency, prosthodontists learn advanced methods for designing and fitting dental prosthesis, how to diagnose and treat complex dental issues, and how the teeth and jaw should balance and function properly.  

dentures by a North Miami Beach prosthodontist

What Services Do Prosthodontists Offer?  

When one or more teeth are missing, a prosthodontist is uniquely suited to offer the most cutting-edge care. Any one or more of the following may be part of this restorative work:

  • Reconstruction for birth defects such as cleft palate or missing teeth
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder  
  • Restoration after oral cancer or traumatic injuries
  • Dental implants and permanent dentures  

Dental implants have been among the most important developments in dentistry during the past 100 years. Prosthodontists are able to stop jawbone degradation and provide you with replacement teeth that completely mimic the appearance and function of your natural smile. This is made possible by implanting a titanium post directly in the gums.

Additionally, dental implants are placed by prosthodontists whether the anchor is used to support a bridge connecting many teeth, a full permanent denture, or simply one missing tooth.  

dental crowns by a North Miami Beach prosthodontist

How Do I Choose a North Miami Beach Prosthodontist?  

A qualified prosthodontist must complete extensive training administered by the American Board of Prosthodontics in order to become an accredited specialist. Moreover, prosthodontists are required to renew their certification every eight years to ensure that they remain updated with the always evolving dental technology and instruments that support oral restoration and the mechanics of the smile.  

You can also check the American Board of Prosthodontist website for more information. The site also has a directory of board-certified prosthodontists.  

Are you looking for a qualified and experienced prosthodontist? Look no further! At Danowit Dental, we have highly skilled professionals. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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