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Why Do People Think White Teeth Are Attractive? 

September 7, 2022


People are truly obsessed with looking model-perfect now more than ever, meaning many are turning to Golden Glades cosmetic dentistry. While the idea of what is attractive may be subjective, it can be argued that everyone finds straight, healthy, pearly-white teeth appealing.  

Since the physical condition of one's teeth has a significant impact on their smile, most people are paying more attention to both that and their oral health. Here's a list of why people think white teeth are attractive.  

a woman smiling after seeing an expert in golden glades cosmetic dentistry 

White and Healthy Teeth Are Appealing  

Improved Dental Health  

Whiter teeth are thought to be healthier. However, you will still need optimal oral hygiene to improve oral health when you have whiter teeth.  

Most people want to keep their pearly-white smiles for as long as possible since they are so happy with the results. With this, individuals begin to put more effort into taking better care of their teeth by regularly brushing, flossing, and having more frequent dental examinations.  

Pearly-White Teeth Steal the Show  

A whiter smile instantly improves your appearance. It acts as a real-life Instagram filter for your face. People will focus on your smile instead of any other parts of your face that can make you uncomfortable, such as fine lines and wrinkles or an acne breakout.  

In the modern world, where people often form fast judgments based on a brief meeting or a profile photo, first impressions are crucial. If you have white and healthy teeth, you'll be more likely to smile, which helps make a strong first impression. Additionally, showing off your dazzling whites will make some people think you're successful, intelligent, and responsible.  

Based on a study, around 29% of Americans say that a person's teeth are the first feature they notice. As a result of the favorable initial impression you create, a whiter smile will assist you in developing better social, romantic, and professional relationships.  

A Younger-Looking Appearance  

Most people unconsciously link whiter teeth with youth and well-being in addition to being more appealing. The reason for this is that it's common knowledge that teeth may get stained and discolored due to age and environmental causes. A whiter smile instantly helps you look younger. This is true whether you use a home whitening kit or go to a dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment.

More reasons to smile come with whiter teeth. For instance, smiling can improve your mood even when you're just pretending. This is due to the release of endorphins and serotonin. These hormones uplift your mood and ease stress, giving you more reasons to smile.  

A More Positive Perspective  

Not only does all that smiling alter how others perceive you, but it also changes how you view the outside world. It can invite positive vibes that may help you get through a hectic and tiresome day.  

a woman sitting in the dental chair while waiting for the expert in golden glades cosmetic dentistry 

Look Into Golden Glades Cosmetic Dentistry to Get That Attractive Smile  

At Danowit Dental, we do our best to surpass your expectations. If you're ready to have a more positive perspective in life, a younger-looking appearance, or improved dental health, give us a call!  

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