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Foods You Need to Stay Away From

October 3, 2022


Good dental hygiene practices and professional dental care from your dentist are essential for healthy teeth. Dental professionals based in North Miami Beach said dental cleaning should never be disregarded. Nevertheless, eating the right food can maintain your tooth's underlying strength for a brighter and healthier smile.

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Worst Foods and Beverages for Your Teeth  

Coffee and Tea  

These beverages help mouth bacteria produce acids that cause tooth and enamel erosion, making your teeth fragile and thin. Coffee and tea include tannins, making it easier for colorants to stick to your teeth and leave a yellow tint.  

Remember that your teeth suffer more harm from tannic acids than just discoloration. Your tooth enamel may be destroyed by these acids, leading to decay. Because coffee sticks to your tongue, it may also result in halitosis, commonly known as poor breath.  

Additionally, it dries up your mouth, preventing your saliva from erasing the early indications of oral infections, gum disease, or tooth decay.


Numerous juices contain citrus, an acidic content that can erode enamel and leave your teeth more susceptible to decay over time. Acidic foods can erode enamel over time if you consume them frequently, which will, later on, increase the risk of tooth decay. Your tooth enamel may dissolve if exposed to citric acid repeatedly or for a long time.  

Snacks and Crisps  

The texture of chips changes into a "gummy" consistency after you eat them – this is the stuff that lingers in your mouth. Crisps are starchy and can easily stick to your teeth, encouraging the bacteria that attack your teeth and increasing your risk of dental decay.  

The starch transforms into sugar when they become stuck between your teeth, feeding plaque bacteria that leads to tooth damage. Crisps and chips also cause your tongue to dry out. When this happens, the food will easily stick to your teeth. Saliva aids in treating the early stages of tooth decay, gum disease, and other mouth diseases. However, dry mouth reduces saliva production and prevents saliva from performing as it should.  

Fizzy or Carbonated Drinks  

Non-diet fizzy drinks can have up to ten teaspoons of sugar in a single can, while some carbonated drinks contain citric and phosphoric acid. Of practically any food or beverage, carbonated or fizzy drinks, especially the non-diet type, cause the worst teeth erosion. As damaged enamel is more prone to staining, several dark-colored carbonated beverages can also cause teeth discoloration and yellowing.  

Oral bacteria and sugar from carbonated beverages interact to create acid. Even "sugar-free" and "diet" drinks cause corrosive damage and the acid destroys your enamel. Every time you sip, remember that a new cycle of a 20-minute acid attack begins. Your enamel becomes weakened by frequent consumption of carbonated or fizzy drinks.  

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Get a Worry-Free North Miami Beach Dental Cleaning  

You can eat the things that are the worst for your teeth without ever recognizing them. Moreover, your oral health may be impacted by fermentable carbohydrates like those in crackers and alcoholic beverages and sweets like those in soda or cough drops. Hence, you should limit your intake and, whenever possible, wash your mouth with water.  

Green leafy vegetables, green tea, dairy products, and water are suitable substitutes for the food and beverages mentioned above. Discussing your diet with your dentist or hygienist is always recommended. Give us a call. We’d like to hear from you!  

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