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Importance of Brushing Your Teeth for Two Minutes?

December 5, 2022


Simple logic explains why dentists in North Miami Beach advise brushing for at least two minutes: if you're in a hurry, you'll forget a lot of things. When you take the time to brush your teeth thoroughly, you are less likely to overlook some complex regions (such as the backs of your teeth or the sides of your molars). One of the biggest dental hygiene sins is hurrying the procedure and brushing too hard, which isn't advisable for several reasons, including the fact that it can wear down your teeth and harm your gums.  

a dentist in north Miami beach holding an oversized toothbrush and a teeth model

Brushing as Advised by an Esteemed Dentist  

How Come It’s Two Minutes?  

To ensure that you have eliminated any food and plaque accumulated on your teeth since your last brushing, it is crucial to brush for the full two minutes. Plaque removal is essential for reducing tartar accumulation because the bacteria in plaque consume the carbohydrates in our food.  

Tartar is challenging to eliminate and contributes to gum disease (such as gingivitis and periodontitis) and permanent tooth decay. A two-minute brushing session is a small amount of work with a big reward that can efficiently remove the food particles from your teeth.  

Benefits of Brushing at Least Two Minutes  

  • Sufficient Ion Transfer  

You may have heard of an ionic toothbrush. It is a part of a new generation advancement that has been demonstrated in trials to remove more plaque and lessen gingivitis-related bleeding. Ionic brushes use negatively charged ions to ward off plaque from hard-to-reach parts of the teeth. As a result, you can eliminate more plaque than you could with a regular toothbrush.  

The shaft of the brush releases negative ions that travel through your fingers and onto your teeth. So that your bristles may eliminate it, they push the plaque off your teeth at that location.  

When you brush for at least two minutes, the result is as if you’re using an ionic toothbrush.  

  • Improve Enamel  

Brushing can strengthen your tooth enamel and reduce your risk of developing dental decay. Cavities, also known as moderate dental decay, can be treated by your dentist. However, if left untreated, they can cause several issues, such as swelling of gums, damaged teeth, difficulty biting, and pain. Rarely, a tooth abscess developed from a deep cavity might result in a severe infection that could be fatal.  

Tips on Brushing Your Teeth  

  • Regularly change your toothbrush  

The head of your electric or manual toothbrush should be changed every three to four months. However, you should change your toothbrush sooner rather than later if the bristles start to tear or behave strangely. Older toothbrushes are less effective and may not get all the food and grime off your teeth.  

  • Clean your toothbrush  

After using it, always give your toothbrush a thorough rinse with water, and store it upright so it can air dry. To prevent cross-contamination, you should also ensure it is kept apart from other toothbrushes. As much as possible, please don’t use a toothbrush cap so you can allow it to air dry. This practice will stop yeast, mold, and bacteria from growing.  

  • Apply the right method  

The area where your gums and teeth converge should be the target of your bristles, which should be held at a slight angle (roughly 45 degrees). Brush your teeth and gums gently, using short back-and-forth motions. Make sure to brush your tongue and the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces of your teeth.  

dentist in north Miami beach demonstrates the proper way to brush teeth

Ask a Dentist in North Miami Beach for More Brushing Techniques  

Your at-home oral hygiene routine should always include brushing your teeth. Get a hold of our dentist for more oral hygiene tips.  

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